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» Should so take off that conquestador casino!!!
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« Back to Casinos 11/04/2021 at 22:45 0 0 #9322 Weemonk23
Posts: 569 Top Contributor

So  markcoyne  question now is; if you had 5 days to provide ID why did you not provide it?

11/04/2021 at 23:28 0 0 #9326 superdavey
Posts: 646 Mod

The plot thickens! 

11/04/2021 at 23:44 0 0 #9327 Paul3009
Posts: 206 Top Contributor

In my opinion there’s definitely something suspect about the deposit or maybe marks in Gamban or something but hopefully he’ll get it sorted 

12/04/2021 at 08:35 0 0 #9328 CraigSlots
Posts: 521 Wanker

While Mark could have avoided this and had plenty of time to provide required documents, Conquestador has failed him here i think. The funds could be ring fenced easily pending the documents, but were not. 

This is a good read..


This is a debate of ethics over rules in my opinion.

12/04/2021 at 08:58 0 0 #9329 pokersmasher
Posts: 327 Top Contributor

 CraigSlots  I feel that there is a general concensus of opinion here and it is for the casino to respond properly with a full explanation to the customer as to why they had taken the steps they did in this particular case. The customer would have to request this directly and not via this forum.

The customer would then be free to refer to this explanation in any complaint made to the UKGC should they wish to make any such complaint.

On a wider basis though it is not yet known if the returning of withdrawals by reference to the lack of requested documents is common practice at this casino or whether it was an isolated error. If it is indeed a common practice or a procedural failure the casino have just opened themselves up to a potential time bomb.

What has not been considered here is whether this same situation could have occured with a player who deposited £10,000 and then withdrew £12,000 and upon failure to return documents lost the entire £12,000. In the OP's case there was no meaningful net loss but this may not always be the case.

12/04/2021 at 09:16 0 0 #9330 loveisagamble
Posts: 6 User

If only ID was given! Clearly more to it surely otherwise why not give ID?

My past experiences on various casinos is ID is requested at some point when a withdrawal is requested but the withdrawal is processed and the account is locked until ID is verified. Fairest way imo especially when ID generally only gets requested when requesting withdrawals  

12/04/2021 at 10:31 1 0 #9331 Weemonk23
Posts: 569 Top Contributor

Good read  pokersmasher  

My 2 pennies - I think the OP was reliant on the casino running no checks or asking for ID. He has stated he has played other casinos and withdrawn without having to provide documents. All gamblers want their money asap and he had plenty of time to submit the required docs but did not. Why? Maybe as Paul stated he is Gamstop. Maybe he was playing with someone else's funds or another reason that makes something amiss.

In relation to the casino returning the funds to the player account; I side with the casino. How long should they keep the funds aside, indefinitely? What if that ID never comes through? Also from the article from PokerSmasher:

Operators should also remember that they cannot confiscate a customer’s funds on the basis that they have not provided ID. Last year, on the back of action it had undertaken in the remote gambling sector, the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) provided its view that consumers are legally entitled to money which they have deposited in their account, to winnings made with money they have deposited and gambled, and winnings made from a bonus where the relevant conditions have been met (subject to AML or other regulatory requirements).

This is massively contradictory. I work in compliance and in order to comply with AML and Fraud regulations you must have ID verified as a minimum. The above statement makes mute the operators obligations towards AML which are clearly stated in the same article. 

By keeping those funds ring fenced, you could argue that the casino are confiscating the funds which they are told they should not do. Kind of a catch 22 for the casino.

I think the only reasonable outcome here is that the casino refund the OP's original deposit. 

12/04/2021 at 11:13 1 0 #9332 Jimboscooker
Posts: 160 Top Contributor

100% OP should get deposit back. I think the casino should keep the funds ring fenced. If it's indefinite it's indefinite, don't see much it being a issue on their end to facilitate that. Because casinos cannot withold money pending a ID check then what he could have done, is asked for his account to be closed for responsible gambling reasons and they would have had to process the funds without his ID, despite being in direct conflict with KYC and AML. So it's kinda like they need to choose which rule to break. I've done it before with casumo when they wanted me holding that days newspaper next to my face. Told them I'm a problem gambler and I want my account closed and they processed the withdrawal within 24 hours and my account was shut. 

We need to know if this is common practise like poker smasher has said or if it's a error somewhere. My instant thought was if it's happened once, it's most likely happened multiple times. I do hope it's a one off mistake because if this is common practise then I don't see how they survive the wrath of the UKGC. 

12/04/2021 at 12:26 0 0 #9333 pokersmasher
Posts: 327 Top Contributor

I feel this thread has become a bash the casino thread and perhaps we should all just all the casino a right of reply then ask for the thread to be locked. There does not appear to be much more to be said that has not already been discussed.

The one thing I would add though is that the casino itself has not been defended by the den owners who have posted impartially. This shows them in a good light and allows the membership to take recommendations at face value. My recent thread about top rated casinos was noted due to the top rating of N1 on a major gambling site despite the fact that it is very far from top rated in the eyes of anyone else

21/04/2021 at 17:47 0 0 #9448 Jimboscooker
Posts: 160 Top Contributor

Update on this? 

21/04/2021 at 18:57 0 0 #9449 pokersmasher
Posts: 327 Top Contributor

The casino rep had a chance to close this off and does not appear to have taken it 

22/04/2021 at 17:28 0 0 #9463 Mahersfa
Posts: 76 User

They may have DM’d the OP...that’s what they did with me on here

04/05/2021 at 18:02 0 0 #9594 Mahersfa
Posts: 76 User

Just a follow up here but I have been using conquestador for about a month now and withdrawals were no issue. This week for whatever reason I can no longer deposit via PayPal as my bank card is a MasterCard so I had to deposit just using the card, this is the same for me with party casino and Ladbrokes.

I requested a withdrawal and it had sat for a day, which was weird as previously it took 2 mins for it to hit my PayPal but today it was cancelled and the funds returned to my account.
They emailed me to say they required proof of my bank card before they could process it so I went on live chat and spoke to a rep named Elvira to advise I had uploaded the pics of my card and requested the withdrawal to PayPal again.
The rep requested that I wait a minute whilst they contacted the relevant team to have my account reviewed and then came back within 2 minutes to say it had been processed.

Checked my PayPal once I came off the chat and the monry is in my PayPal so it seems if you send in the docs and contact them it’s resolved very very quickly.(Should also note that when I sent in proof of identity and address it was also approved within half an hour when I first opened the account)

Hopefully this helps anyone who may use them in the future. Make the withdrawal again and contact live chat, don’t give it back to the casino.... not straight away anyways lol

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