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17/10/2020 at 11:29 0 0 #7359 Weemonk23
Posts: 213 User

I enjoy watching the lads videos and I watch live streams now and then, i appreciate the giveaways the lads do as well and the business venture that's been created.

If you look at Social Blade for the channels stats or just the YouTube channels opening pages, there are thousands of viewers so I wonder why the forum struggles to be active?

I personally post and get involved here because I don't do Twitter or Facebook and Youtube and this forum is the only social media I use. I've gambled half my life, love it. Been through hell and back because of it. I know for some their gambling may be a dirty secret but I own what I enjoy doing. I find it helps to talk with other gamblers for keeping it real when playing slots. I've been the silly road and I don't want anyone to ever take that road. I'm an older, wiser gambler now who has realised I can do it for the fun aspect....and the odd win....rather than letting it be a controlling dirty vice.

Maybe there are people who feel ashamed because they gamble (I used to), watch the vids but don't want to interact on the forum but read the threads. Maybe people like to just view a video and that's it, no need to get involved in what is essentially a community of like minded people. Maybe it's all about the money and the giveaways. Who knows.

If you are one of the readers who doesn't like to get involved for whatever reason, why not say hello? Share a big win, share a mare you've had on the slots, ask a question, get some advice or just shoot the breeze.

I'm not associated with Jimbo and Craig, they don't pay me to write this. I just think its a crying shame that this place is so dead recently.

19/10/2020 at 23:54 0 0 #7372 pokersmasher
Posts: 75 User

Your post lamented the lack of content and the low volume of active interest here.

Forums such as this and many of its competitors drive very little traffic and consequently become an irrelevance to many and little more than an afterthought even to those members who visit once a month to enter the prize draws.

Of course it’s the case that the forum can allow members to contact the forum owners to vent about their poor treatment at the hands of a particular casino or brag about a recent big win however for the most part these communications are of no interest to the wider membership. Genuinely interesting content is needed to engage the membership. They need a reason to visit the forum otherwise they will simply not do so.

Giveaways on a monthly basis on this site have been tremendously generous and the forum owners have simply not monetised this opportunity enough. The likes of Stop and Step or Chipmonkz Slots still prosper despite not giving away anything of consequence to their subscribers.

The forum owners probably need to reinvigorate their offering by creating a bit of excitement over their giveaways. They could do this in several ways:

a.       The giveaways could be much more frequent and create an environment where members want to visit the site more often to find out what is going on. This would involve thought and a bit of creativity from the forum owners. The fact is that there is already around £200 a day given out on average.

b.       The casinos who fund the giveaways all have loyalty representatives and their input into the forum would be invaluable as they could both answer questions directly, provide some content and be used to award prizes for “post of the day” or big wins on their casino by members or indeed offer booby prizes for worst bonuses etc.

c.       A jackpot fund could be seeded and members could be awarded a chance to win a share of this jackpot fund by posting on the forum, participating in a poll or whatever other form of interaction that the forum owners deem appropriate. This fund could accrue daily and could be tracked by the members.

d.       Gamblers by their very nature like games of chance and the chance of winning say £100 is far less exciting that winning a £2 bonus on a popular slot. The prizes could be awarded on a live stream. The slot could pay 2x or 2000x and that would be the entertainment value.

These are just some ideas of what may be needed to generate additional interest in the giveaways.

Notwithstanding any change to the giveaways, it is the provision of genuinely interesting content that will cause members to visit. The site has a membership of thousands with a common interest and the forum owners need to empower and engage with the membership to create their own content. The forum owners could of course pay third parties to generate content and this sometimes works however unless the content creators are genuinely engaged in the subject matter it would be likely to fail. A community of interesting posters can grow exponentially within a short space of time once there is a firm foundation of interaction and inclusiveness to engage the membership. In the first instance though, this must be down to Craig and Jimbo as they are the faces of their own forum. If they feel that they do not have the time to devote to this, are unable to resource it properly or question whether they have a strong enough personalities to accomplish this, there may be a need to add someone else.

The UKGC rules are ever tightening and the forum, whilst a dated method of communicating now, may actually become ever more valid in the months and years ahead as Twitter and YouTube inevitably become subject to ever tighter operating restrictions imposed by the UKGC or the platform themselves. The opportunity to link the streams with the forum through word of mouth more than internet links is perhaps a window of opportunity that may no longer be so easy in the future.

If it is of interest to the membership to properly build the forum up, let the forum owners know and equally the forum owners need to trumpet the need for this change on each and every stream and let the membership know that the forum is worthwhile and effort on both sides will be rewarded.

Let’s see some love for Craig and Jimbo though and if members could come to the forum to post funny stories, big wins or losses, recommendations, game reviews, football predictions, questions for others, seek any advice or just pop in for a virtual blether that would be ideal. Just let the guys know that you are out there.

The problem even with this posted message is that only a few folks might read it whereas if it were to be reproduced in part or in full on each of the streams with the guys themselves letting the viewers and members know about it and explaining to to them directly – it may just generate enough interest to get some other contributors.

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