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« Back to Problems 28/06/2020 at 08:15 0 0 #6213 iMarkuz
Posts: 14 User

I was forced self exclusion from slot planet (linked with several other casinos here I believe) will this affect my current and possible future entries to giveaways from these sites? If so is there anything you can guys can do to get it reversed? If not I will simply make another account under a different address which I’d rather not do. I’ve never done any other online giveaways and this is quite a fun thing to look forward to! Shame it’s only lasted a month! lol

28/06/2020 at 09:54 0 0 #6214 superdavey
Posts: 716 Mod

Hi there, you are fine for this month as you entered before the self exclusion, however you wont be eligible for any future giveaways whilst you're self excluded. A self exclusion cant be reversed im afraid. Regarding making a new account under a different address, I strongly suggest you dont do that, you've openly admitted you're excluded at the moment so making a new account wont make any difference as you have to get verified etc and your entries will be void.

I can appreciate thats not what you want to hear and I can only apologise, All the best

28/06/2020 at 17:55 0 0 #6221 iMarkuz
Posts: 14 User
[This post has been redacted]
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