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« Back to Problems 28/02/2021 at 17:13 0 0 #8618 Bens2605
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So on Friday I deposited £100 with a matched bonus on conquestador (through the den link) I won nothing, today I fancied a spin on roulette, I deposited £340 and played tier section as I always do at £80 a spin, hit nothing so I deposited another £300 and hit 24 and 5 2 spins running profiting £400. My balance went from £460 to £40. I contacted live support straight away and they told me I breached the terms and conditions for saving a bonus and playing it out to convert to a cash balance, I have no idea what they are on about, I didn't take a bonus I deposited straight cash and they have just taken all the profit including stakes because they advise I have breach betting regulations. What the hell are they on about. I have tweeted both craig and jimbo and hope they can get this sorted.  I have taken images of the chats as well and haven't bet on the site since. I'm really dissapointed by this as this site promotes safe and reliable casinos. Please can you guys help.me out 

28/02/2021 at 18:02 0 0 #8621 superdavey
Posts: 710 Mod

Did you cancel the first bonus or have any balance left? I can only assume it's took it as you've deposited more to try clear that wagering. I'll forward this to the lads an get one too reply asap! ☺️

28/02/2021 at 18:18 0 0 #8622 Bens2605
Posts: 13 User

I had £0.17 bonus left in my balance, it didn't give me the option to clear it anywhere. So I made the straight deposits above, went straight to roullette, I've had an email saying I breached the terms due 'trying to gain an unfair advantage' 😂😂 I was playing live roulette ffs. And on top of that they even said they have offered me a bonus as a good will gesture, I'm absolutely appalled.  Not only did they take my winnings they took my stakes, over £450. Hopefully the lads can get this sorted, I've got screenshots of everything if needed. Otherwise I will be going to IBAS and would hope the lads do not promote these again 

28/02/2021 at 18:19 0 0 #8623 pokersmasher
Posts: 373 Top Contributor

Oh Oh! I can foresee a very unhappy bunny once the dust settles.

1. You did take the bonus and I am assuming that you never forfeited it.

2. A large message comes up at the top of the page if you attempt to play table games whilst in bonus funds. Did he miss it or did the message not appear.

3. The casino's explanation seems strange though unless of course he did a bonus hunt and forgot to open one or more of the bonuses.

Good luck though - hopefully the boys can get you a resolution 

28/02/2021 at 18:30 0 0 #8624 Bens2605
Posts: 13 User

It wouldn't let me forefeit the bonus anywhere. Why would £0.17 affect a £640 cash deposit. And the reason they gave was that I trued to gain an unfair advantage. It's a fucking joke. How can they revoke not only your winnings but your stake as well.  If I had £500 bonus funds then fair enough. 

28/02/2021 at 18:33 0 0 #8625 Bens2605
Posts: 13 User

And also I never did a bonus hunt, and no message appeared.  I deposited today and went straight to live roulette. I can't understand hat's going on. I'm fuming, I had no error message when I lost my first deposit of £340. But when I redeposited £300 and hit 2 tier numbers in a row they took everything out my balance. 

28/02/2021 at 18:49 0 0 #8626 Jimboscooker
Posts: 190 Top Contributor

If what you've said is true I hope they can sort it out. I understand you had 17p in the bonus funds but you weren't trying to gain an unfair advantage, to accuse you of this is downright disgusting. Did you potentially fuck up somehwhere in regards to the bonus terms, yes more than likely but you clearly weren't trying to gain an unfair advantage. Good luck. 

28/02/2021 at 20:16 0 0 #8627 Bens2605
Posts: 13 User

Nope had 0.17p I'm bonus funds and deposited £340 cash without a bonus , I thought about this and looked to try and cancel the bonus but nowhere let me do this. So I carried on with live roulette, lost £349 in about 15 minutes,  made another £300 deposit withour a bonus and carried on playing tier, I hit number 24, and then number 5. Only to see my balance. Ju o from £509 to £40, I immeisyelty contacted live support to.be told that I had breached the terms and was found to be 'swinging the odds in my favour, by timing out' whihj in fact was me depositing. I have images if all the chats and emails. This is absolutely disgusting,  I dont  blame jimbo and craig because they normally promote a decent brand. But this is disgusting

28/02/2021 at 20:19 0 0 #8628 Bens2605
Posts: 13 User

Just having a look now because I was going to put a case together for IBAS, they have removed my winnings from the history.  So it shows my stake value, and my winnings should be next to it. But it shows as zero, I put this to the lady on chat and she accused me of fraud/manipulation. But then offered me another good will 100% bonus gesture. Evolutin gaming will have all my bets and winnings which will disapprove what they are saying. In my opinion I would avoid this casino at all costs

28/02/2021 at 21:13 0 0 #8629 Bens2605
Posts: 13 User

Getting massively worried now as I tweeted both james and craig hours ago, they have both tweeted since but titally ignored my problem . Is this a rogue place? Can someone let me jow before I oodge it with IBAS, was hoping it wouldn't come to that but it doesn't seem like I'm gonna get much help here 

28/02/2021 at 21:16 0 0 #8630 Jimbocasino
Posts: 575 Den Owner

Can you message me your email for the casino please, privately if you'd prefer, and ill forward them to this thread and see what's going on.

Apologies for the delay, but it's Sunday and i chill with the family.

28/02/2021 at 21:31 0 0 #8631 Bens2605
Posts: 13 User

Yjust an fyi I have literally just had an email from the saying 'hi Ben,  I have looked into the problem and adied your winning plus some on tip' (£345) which I s less than I won and I didn't even get an apology or explanation as to why they too all the money off me. I love gamblers den but this experience has really fucked me off. It's taking the piss, I have every email and conversatin with live support, whilst I kind if appreciate the fact they credited it back,  it would have been nice for an explanation.  I always play tier, I would have had 4 out of the next 5 numbers if they credited which they should have. And bow (4 hours later) just decide to creited it with no explanation is a joke james mate 

28/02/2021 at 21:59 0 0 #8632 Bens2605
Posts: 13 User

They have now come back and said apologies Ben we got the amijt wrong (after me telling them it was wrong) no offence jimbo,  I will continue to support this channel but this has been an absolute joke 😂😂

28/02/2021 at 22:13 1 0 #8633 superdavey
Posts: 710 Mod

''An absolute joke?''  ''Is this a rogue place?'' ''Doesnt seem like im getting much help here''
 Seriously? You seriously think the lads would just put rogue places on here? Its sunday, Like Jimbo says its family time, however he still replied within 4 hours of you posting which is decent for a Sunday, I appreciate you're pissed off at the whole situation but saying stuff like that wont get you anywhere. Members on here have tried to help as soon as they could, maybe you should of cleared the balance instead of blaming other people. 

Im glad the issue is sorted now,  but maybe appreciate you got your money back when they would of been well within the terms to say no sorry. 
All the best. 

28/02/2021 at 22:55 0 0 #8634 Bens2605
Posts: 13 User

Instead of taking the negatives of 'an absolute joke' or im'is this a rogue place' you could have took ' I'll always support the channel'  or 'I love gamblers den' don't spin this on me. Yes I'm pissed off,the fact I'm being told that a £0.17p bonus will affect  £640 straight deposit takes the piss.  However,given this is your response I won't wgat the point in even trting to get a resolution.  Wish the lads gd luck in the future, but that response to someone being treated harshly by a casino I purely signed up tbecause it was on the site is ar from fair Davey let's be honest. Anyway no problem at least I know not to bother in future. 

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