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I've posted a couple of threads about Rizk. For the past couple of months I've been trying to get a response from Rizk on their limitation to my account which is £400 deposit cap and netloss limit of £130. 

I sent an appeal with a new wage slip where my earnings were more than what they previously based their deision on. After a month, no reply so I chase. A month later, no reply so I chase. A couple of weeks later I get an email to say that they want bank statements for 3 months with every transaction. I previously supplied these so I thought sod this I'll stick to the limits. Am I really that bothered as I have 4 other casino's I play at where I do not get such hassle.

So after having a play with the £130 limit set, winning a bit more than this and withdrawing. Playing again, withdrawing, playing again to the point that I have £50 of the £130 limit left to use, I get this email

I don't know whether it is automated or from a manual review but when I first read it I was not happy. Wellbeing questions when I have a £130 limit on my account and they have proof already that this amount of money is about 6% of my wage. Give over. 

Why do casino's not look at the info they have and target those that may be problem players? Why can they not tow UKGC guidelines without going overboard?

I won't be replying.

I am really Craig's dad
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