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28/01/2020 at 11:57 0 0 #2764 Nick2312
Posts: 8 User

I've started this thread to see what peoples thoughts are on my situation and make others aware that this casino may not look after your welfare if any problems arise as they didnt with mine.

Basically just before christmas I set a cooling off period at Casino Gods for a month. The reason for this is I have tendencies to gamble too much and I could feel myself losing control so I decided to cool off. Anyway once this cooling off period had ended I wasnt contacted in any way my account just become active again, and therefore I logged in and made a first deposit of £40. Then another deposit of £50, then another £50 then all of a sudden I was slipping into a bad place and was depositing between £250-£500 a time sometimes with only 10 minutes gap inbetween. 

After a period of a few hours I had lost approx £2500 and my payments had began to decline, which was a good thing in my opinion (but later find out this is from my bank and nothing to do with the casinos counter measures to prevent clearly irresponsible gambling). I contacted the chat in order to see if I had any reward for spending this much money, clearly in the midst of a complete lapse in gambling and out of control spending, at which point the customer support worker in live chat offered me bonus spins and bonus money. At no point during the whole discussion did he ask me if my gambling was responsible or if I could afford it, when it should clearly have raised red flags based on the amount of deposits in a small time and out of character spending as previous to this I hadnt shown any activity like this. But nothing was said and I was left on my merry way with a bonus.

The bonus came and went and I continued to deposit as my bank was satisfied it was me. Another £1900 later and still absolutely no contact from the casino regarding my welfare, no reality checks popped up and nothing in terms of them ensuring this was responsible when it clearly wasn't. 

i have since contacted the UKGC and they informed me that they should have been flagged as to the activity and especially considering I had used responsible gambling tools previously which indicate the need for such protection. 

I'm not trying to say its anyone else's fault however I have had a gambling addiction in the past of which I was overcoming and learning to enjoy slots the way they were intended, responsibly however one lapse which shown completely erratic compulsive behaviour out of character with the account and not to be contacted even once regarding my state of play despite being on live chat having spent 2.5k, having no reality checks pop up and spending £4490 in a session and yet the casino still had mu account open and active in the morning with no questions asked. I feel let down by them as someone who struggles and I'm hoping this doesnt happen to anyone else!

i have since raised a formal complaint however after 24 hours they have told me they wont be doing anything about it. No apology, nothing at all. The UKGC however believe they have broken their licensing terms and will be investigating further...

what's everyones thoughts on this....

28/01/2020 at 12:05 0 0 #2765 Nick2312
Posts: 8 User

Also I just want to add, I'm not putting the blame for my actions on anyone else, it was my mistake however I just feel let down by a casino who should be ensuring gambling activity of all their customers is responsible. They failed me in that respect and could have prevented alot of problems for me now.

28/01/2020 at 13:19 1 0 #2767 Jimbocasino
Posts: 393 Den Owner

Hi Nick, thanks for your post buddy, it's an interesting read.

When stuff like this happens its easy to lose sight of why. i absolutely agree, that something should of pinged to them in order to get in contact with your regarding your compulsive and quick deposits, this i will be speaking to them about and seeing their opinion on the matter, as for the deposits and spending itself, from what you've said, gambling is definitely not something you should continue. I believe a lot of people can gamble responsibly and to there limits and means, me being one of them. However some people just have the bug that triggers an irrational play that's totally against there character and can become very dangerous not only financially but emotionally and mentally too.

What i would suggest is Gamstop, I'm not going to teach you how to suck eggs, I'm sure you know what it is and the features is provides, however I definitely feel if you're struggling to control the urge to gamble or the amount you gamble you would definitely benefit from signing up and being done with the slots! (especially considering you've used cool offs before, assuming for the same reason)

Ultimately it's absolutely right for the UKGC to investigate should they feel the casino has made a huge error, it would all depend on your spending limits, for example if you was £5000 up from the casino and then you lost the amount you did, they could probably justify the spending or even if your in a profit overall too. lots of factors come into play, but I personally agree you should of been at least contacted.

What i do want to ask you, and this would be for their benefit too as I'm going to direct them to this thread, if they had contacted you via email regarding your quick deposits, would you of seen the email instantly? and would you of reacted in a positive way and stopped depositing? if the answer is no, then what would you think would of been a good solution for you at that time, if you have any suggestions, then please feel free to post them dude, we're all ears! 

Sorry this happened to you, please do consider Gamstop 

28/01/2020 at 13:24 0 0 #2769 Nick2312
Posts: 8 User

Hi jumbo thank you for your reply. Firstly I am not up from that casino, the past has shown single or at max two deposits in a sitting of which have never been above £200, and never withdrawn from that site. 

With regards to the email yes I would have been notified immediately on my phone I had recieved an email, but more to the point I think I needed something to make me realise what I was doing.. even a reality check at the time to show my losses? As I wasnt aware how much I'd lost until it was all over with. Also the chat advisor didnt ask me anything either which I think is a huge error too. There was absolutely zero measures to help me or prevent the situation worsening despite showing clear signs of irrational irresponsible gambling which was out of character with my account, especially considering the previous use of cooling off period which should indicate the potential instability of my gambling.

Thanks jimbo I appreciate it mate 

29/01/2020 at 12:24 0 0 #2779 Nick2312
Posts: 8 User

Any update from them jimbo?

29/01/2020 at 14:38 0 0 #2780 Jimbocasino
Posts: 393 Den Owner

I believe their going to post a reply on here mate

29/01/2020 at 17:54 0 0 #2784 davidshaw889
Posts: 13 User

with respect Nick, i feel like this is a pure rant in the hope that they give you kind of money back for your losses or bonus cash of some sort , this is not what you need as you will simply spaff it all off again and then spend more.  I am not digging at you here i would probably want money back if i had blown that amount but the way your pushing for an update and complaining to ukgc is sour grapes from the outside looking in.

With respect to the casino yes they should of offered reality checks but were all adults and have to take responsibility ,where they have gone wrong in my opinion is by giving you bonuses after you spaffed 2.5k  this is not really the right move . how much did they give you in bonus funds or spins i am intrigued to know i would of thought around 10% of your losses?

Once you accepted that though the casino have got you bang to rights as you accepted a bonus from them.

this post is not a dig or not blame game to you or them im just saying what i think when i read what happened. 

29/01/2020 at 18:17 0 0 #2786 Nick2312
Posts: 8 User

David, yes this is a rant, a rant about what's honestly gone on in a situation which was my own fault as I stated before but I genuinely feel could have been prevented. Firstly I do not wish to receive bonus cash as now I have enrolled to gamstop and had already done so before jimbo had informed me to. 

i do however want compensating for the lack of measures put in place for myself who was clearly in the midst of completely irresponsible gambling spending obscene amounts of money without any intervention when the casino had already been aware of my gambling instability via the use of cooling off period. And more to the point I want to make sure no one else is put in this situation either if I can help it. 

The bonus they offered me was 50 free spins and £30 bonus money. Not alot in the context of losing 2.5k at that point but it kept me going and incentivised further play. I'm more bothered about the fact the chat advisor checked over my account during verification at the start of chat and didnt once mention the unusual activity on my account clearly showing a huge amount of money deposited through numerous transactions which in my opinion clearly shows a irresponsible gambling. 

with regards to accepting a bonus how do you feel the casino have me bang to rights? Of course a gambling addict in the midst of a lapse will accept a bonus. 

I'm not saying the whole situation could have been entirely prevented because I'm not deluded, however I certainly know that even at worst, once I contacted the advisor an intervention should have been put into place, to that point 2.5k in increasing deposits over a short period of time and declined deposits all reg flags where intervention should have been adopted but it wasnt, and therefore my irresponsible gambling continued to the extent of another 1.9k which I feel could have certainly been avoided.

29/01/2020 at 18:57 0 0 #2787 superdavey
Posts: 504 Mod

I have to agree with David im afraid, whilst I agree they should of offered reality checks, im not sure what you're expecting wanting compensating for the lack of measures put in place. And I think David means that because you've accepted a bonus they have you bang to rights due to you could of said no. I appreciate you saying you was in a lapse, but you could of easily said you shouldnt have to deposit to receive a bonus ( as you were contacting live chat to see if any reward was available ) and said no thankyou to them. This isnt a dig in anyway, im on gamstop myself so I can appreciate the problems a gambler can have, its just a honest opinion, but it does sound like sour grapes on your behalf. You knew when your cooling off period ended, you should of just applied another cooling off period. They havent forced you to deposit.  Im not really sure what you're wanting to acheive pushing Jimbo to try get a update, I completely agree they should of done some sort of reality check, but what exactly can they do about it now? Furthermore theres options to have deposit limits put onto your account, and obviously you was within your limits as you was allowed to deposit, so you wont get any compensation, its best to forget and move on. 

Again, my opinion, and I wish you all the best. 

31/01/2020 at 09:59 1 0 #2800 Genesisglobal
Posts: 1 Casino Rep

Dear Nick2312,

We are very sorry to hear about your situation but unfortunately are not in a position to refund any deposits that have been wagered and consumed.

At the first point in which we were first made aware of any mention of responsible gaming issues, your account was immediately blocked and self-excluded. We also have our Responsible Gaming tools available on site which can be accessed at all times, which we can see you did utilise by setting a cool-off on his account. However as per UKGC regulations, accounts with a cool off set will reopen automatically at the end of the selected period.

Of course, if you still are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you are able to contact our ADR IBAS at or by emailing Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance and kind regards!

14/05/2020 at 15:21 0 0 #5603 JAbbot1985
Posts: 2 User
[This post has been hidden as the user has been banned from using the forum]
14/05/2020 at 16:41 0 0 #5605 superdavey
Posts: 504 Mod

JAbbot1985 - 14/05/2020 at 15:21

I just want to add, I'm not putting the blame for my actions on anyone else, it was my mistake but I just feel let down by a casino who should be ensuring gambling activity of all their customers is responsible. They failed me in that respect and could have prevented a lot of problems for me now.


06/06/2020 at 17:33 0 0 #5978 Pilo
Posts: 106 Developer

superdavey - 14/05/2020 at 16:41

JAbbot1985 - 14/05/2020 at 15:21

I just want to add, I'm not putting the blame for my actions on anyone else, it was my mistake but I just feel let down by a casino who should be ensuring gambling activity of all their customers is responsible. They failed me in that respect and could have prevented a lot of problems for me now.


The original user edited thier post after they saw you had seen it!

07/06/2020 at 11:23 0 0 #5987 Rowanvella
Posts: 44 User

It is true that gambling is seriously addictive and people can lose control. I agree that the casino should have had a better system in place that would have identified your activity as a reg flag, a legal obligation even (although I'm not a solicitor).

However, the onus on who is responsible for your actions when you lose control is ultimately on you. It's not easy, especially with addiction to control yourself but ultimately you're the one who is responsible for your actions. It sounds like you're making positive steps by joining gamstop, well done! 

In regards to you being "compensated" I don't think you deserve compensation. You need to learn from your actions and take accountability for your addiction. Being compensated for such a loss would only be enabling you. It reinforces your idea that it's not your fault that you lost the money, when ultimately it is.

As addicts we need to make these mistakes and learn from them, no one else is responsible for your recovery or actions other than you. 

It certainly doesn't help a gambling addicts mindset to think that if they do their bollox in on a casino and lose all their money that it's the casinos fault and that they should be compensated. 

If you got blocked on your card and went through the trouble with your bank to be able to use it again, you had a breather and time to think and still went back, if they had blocked your account you probably would have spent the money at another casino. 

This is something that you need to work on and accept the blame for your own actions instead of passing it on to the casino. 

08/06/2020 at 23:33 0 0 #5997 pokersmasher
Posts: 90 User

From the little I have experienced with Casino Gods, i'd not find it difficult to believe that they failed in this respect as they fail on a raft of issues. The live chat is polite but clueless, the games have lower than normal RTP's, the promotions are poor and the "VIP" managers are little more than 'copy and paste merchants' who are not that clued up or helpful. They are not customer focused and provide less than the minimal level of service required to look after players.

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