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» 888 buying William Hill
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« Back to General Discussion 14/09/2021 at 23:36 0 0 #10287 pokersmasher
Posts: 394 Top Contributor

What crazy nutjob thinks this is a good deal. Hundreds of loss making High Street sites with low playing FOBT's that will be further eased out one online becomes ever more dominant.

The William Hill brand is lost in a sea of competitors who are better managed and anyone who believes that 888 are capable of resurrecting this poor brand is giving their mind a treat. 888 have the worst customer service, a dreadful reputation and very poor corporate governance.

Prediction - this will end in tears for them

14/09/2021 at 23:54 0 0 #10291 CraigSlots
Posts: 587 Wanker

888 LOL. I've been waiting for Dom Littlewood to bust their door down for a long time. Have a google for reviews and complaints.. fucking hell. 

I didn't realise they bought willy though. 

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