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09/10/2019 at 23:28 1 0 #174 Adlevice Posts: 9 User

Hi Jimbo, Craig. Just wanted to say love your vids. Craig have almost peed myself laughing at some of your comments in your moments of despair when the slot gods have been against you. Have literally played every pound with you deposited as though it was my own! Lol. Jimbo you are so laid back win or lose please tell me your secret cos like Craig I hate it when my lucks out! Keep up the great work with the streams guys, really entertaining. 👍

10/10/2019 at 04:33 0 0 #175 CraigSlots Posts: 328 Wanker

Hey Adlevice 😁

If only i didn't have to hold back some of my words sometimes haha! Really glad you like our videos my man.

That pesky Jimbo is far from laid back though! 🤣

10/10/2019 at 15:07 0 0 #181 Jimbocasino Posts: 289 Den Owner

Hes right, I'm hard work at times 🤓. Welcome to the Den buddy.

10/10/2019 at 17:21 0 0 #186 Creditme7 Posts: 6 User

imbo i whispered you on twitch

Viewing 4 Posts - 1 through 4. (4 of 4) 1

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