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24-03-2020 at 12:57 pm Go to thread rykest3

I hope everyone and their families are safe and healthy as this virus takes hold, special thanks to all on the frontline who help us all. 
thanks for the viewing content jimbo&craig we need the entertainment at the moment 👍

14-01-2020 at 23:34 pm Go to thread shoust

I'll provide two known providers that don't save bonuses:



02-12-2019 at 20:03 pm Go to thread Lithium

Ok mate good luck everyone keep it fun 🙂🎅

27-11-2019 at 23:44 pm Go to thread Necessaryevil

Wild line always seems impossible. Getting every bonus always seems fun on other channels but I appreciate you may not want to copy.

Slot challenge  between you? Play the same slots with same  cash?

27-11-2019 at 18:49 pm Go to thread wmc1968

Hi dudes I know this is late but my stable hand buddy just texted me from kempton and there’s a massive word for Sashenka was n the 7:40 Only trouble is it’s as short as 6/4 so it’s totally up to yourselves.

#justsaying 😁

25-11-2019 at 19:03 pm Go to thread Stevenw96

Paddy Power do let you disable the option to reverse withdrawals and if you were to enable it again, it takes 7 days for that to be confirmed so makes it a lot more difficult to do it impulsively

21-11-2019 at 13:51 pm Go to thread Help4Gamblers


New to the forum and just wanted to say hi.

I've made this profile to offer a supportive ear to anyone suffering from a gambling problem. I've been there and know how hard it is to deal with. Fortunately, I'm now signed up to GamStop and I'm able to enjoy the great content from streamers without having the urge to gamble. But I know that talking about things can help relieve a lot of pressure. So feel free to message me privately on here or on Twitter if you just need a chat.

21-11-2019 at 12:37 pm Go to thread wmc1968

Hi everyone. A good judge of mine has said the owners fancy the horse to run really well and at 6/1 could be a bet to nothing

Cage of Fear 6/1 (each way)

12-11-2019 at 11:22 am Go to thread jamesmacabre81

good luck

11-11-2019 at 15:59 pm Go to thread Dizzieegg

Just logged in to play my free spins on Kassu from the weekend, 90 spins later on starburst and have a tad over £8 in bonus money.

A quick 4 £2 spins on Starburst to burn throughout and the last spin rocks in £220!!!

£70 roughly of wagering on the free spin winnings, take it to Vikings to complete and boom, boom, boom. Complete the wagering with a tad over £350. £350 withdrawn of FREE money!!!

Morale of the story? ALWAYS use your free spins!

05-11-2019 at 23:39 pm Go to thread JackRussell

Not a motorway slots, many years ago i was in a pool/snooker club for a tournament, but i played the slot machine the whole time as it kept paying out, i would empty it & the owner would fill it up again, this happened 4 times before he turned it off, he told me sometime later that it had somehow had the payout turned up to 111%, great weekend for me though

04-11-2019 at 19:37 pm Go to thread Jimbocasino

Hey you guyssssss

just a quick reminder that when your joining a gamblers den casino giveaway, you MUST of used a link from Gamblers den unless stated otherwise to be eligible to claim your prize!

The last thing we want is your name popping out as a winner and you having to be disappointed.


29-10-2019 at 15:29 pm Go to thread sharkyx

hi folks

i would just like to give heads up to any players about miamijackpot casino

the bonus 100% up to 50gbp seems pretty low for a lot of players

but as this is jimbo and craigs i signed through there link to have a play and took the bonus...

minimum 60p stake boom gone no bonus feature ahhh well

then very next day miami offered a full 100% up to 100....

it is in daily picks have now had this daily 100% up to 100 twice already and it looks like its a daily thing

maybe james or craig could confirm this ?...

anyway today i took the bonus again and won in my cash balance never touching the bonus funds

yet according to my account as i am in a bonus i have to wager to gain points to convert...

i went to livechat and asked and they were very good indeed

uk players can get the bonus cancelled by livechat and cashout no problem

only took me 5 miniuts and they sorted it for me....

the best part is as i was pre verified with miami

i was playing my remaining balance and then going to cool off to stop me reversing

as there is no lock withdrawl

i did not need to...........they had prosessed and paid the funds same day???

no waiting pending for 48 to 72 hours

simply processed and paid

great casino find james and craig this is probably the fastest cashout i ever had apart from skyvegas 2 hour and the best livehelp on any site i have played and there is a few....

once wagering if you hit bonus funds games are very limited so read full toc

as you cannot play a lot of slots once in bonus money

am still quite shocked how easy this casino made things

so well done to miami casino 5 stars from me....

25-10-2019 at 00:52 am Go to thread Abaker29

Hi Craig and jimbo. I watch all the videos and occasionally pop in jimbos streams. Rainforest magic is the game Craig.

24-10-2019 at 13:36 pm Go to thread bramble69

Not slot related but remember putting £1.25 oh a virtual horse (hurdlewood valley) in ladbrokes was due £40 odd quid back as it was 40/1 and that was my very last £1 that week handed the slip in and she pulled out the £20 notes 1 2 3 4 5 6 i thought shes taking the piss out me here .... anyway money went down on the counter £400ish pound looked up still expecting her to say just testing you before i knew it i was out the front door lit up my 2nd last fag and didn't go in for about 3 months :) Got the stellas in bottle of rum another pack of fags and everything was tickety boo haha

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