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Posted replies

05-07-2020 at 13:15 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

Both winners now been emailed the codes 

05-07-2020 at 00:38 am Go to thread CraigSlots

Will pick 2 random replies to this forum thread. 

Closes in 15 minutes.

Code delivered by email.


03-07-2020 at 19:49 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

Alright, all who were eligible have been paid! Woooop 

02-07-2020 at 16:37 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

@MightyMo Haha, Congrats everyone .

You are right Sully it is a logistical nightmare but let's not get into it.

Thankfully i seem to have made some decent progress collecting everyones information, just waiting on 2 people, hopefully payments going out in 2/3 days as i am still waiting for a few people to be verified as well.

I usually wait until i have everything i need and spend 2 hours sending out payments in one go, rather than doing one person here and there, because then my life gets put on hold lol 

02-07-2020 at 16:35 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

@LoL1PoP i have asked Jimbo to look into it for you as he promoted Johnny i believe a while back

01-07-2020 at 14:56 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

superdavey - 01/07/2020 at 14:55

Congrats to all winners!! 😁


01-07-2020 at 14:36 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

Hi Mate,

Can you pop and email to me at if you're having trouble still

01-07-2020 at 14:35 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

No problem brother! It will be fine this time but being self excluded means you can't be active for this months giveaway so wont be able to enter it!

Congratulations on becoming a dad mate what a feeling it is!! Wise to stop gambling and focus on family as well tbh.

01-07-2020 at 14:12 pm Go to thread CraigSlots 27-06-2020 at 19:59 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

Have sent the email to get you looked into strongbow, probably wont hear back until Monday afternoon but i'm on it now for you 

24-06-2020 at 15:43 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

If you don't hear in the 72 hours i'll make contact with them for you mate

23-06-2020 at 19:38 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

Sure the video isnt delayed behind the computer system? 

21-06-2020 at 12:09 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

Afraid so.

I agree you should have got a pop up or not been allowed to bet over £5. The fact any casino allows you to bet over the limit is scummy in my opinion and shouldn't be allowed, but they all let you do it. 

You're going to have to take this one on the chin mate. 

20-06-2020 at 23:55 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

As Davey said i'm sorry mate.

You have to read the terms and conditions, i don't know of any casino that allows bets over £5 on bonus money. 

If it was say only 50p over or one accidently £10 bet i could have helped you but they will not entertain it i'm afraid and are well within their terms and the law to confiscate your winnings as long as they refund the deposit. 

Not what you wanted to hear mate but i'm being honest and don't want you wasting your time trying to argue it because they wont budge

20-06-2020 at 19:02 pm Go to thread CraigSlots

Mook, i had a word. 

Should be paid now 👌

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