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24-03-2020 at 12:57 pm Go to thread rykest3

I hope everyone and their families are safe and healthy as this virus takes hold, special thanks to all on the frontline who help us all. 
thanks for the viewing content jimbo&craig we need the entertainment at the moment 👍

18-02-2020 at 15:46 pm Go to thread Deanings

If you can't get it on Twitch try putting it on YouTube as unlisted and put a link up here/Twitter etc

18-02-2020 at 14:56 pm Go to thread richwood1982

Craig man . . another video banned off the tube like. This sucks... hope it gets sorted. 

18-02-2020 at 14:01 pm Go to thread TheDougal

Be strong CraigyBoy, dont let  evil YouTube bring you down m8 !!!....advise more alcohol, that should do the trick !!

13-02-2020 at 16:35 pm Go to thread lisaslots

Thank you so much to you and Jimbo 

13-02-2020 at 16:11 pm Go to thread Stedellaway123

Thanks to you too Jimbo! 👌

13-02-2020 at 16:10 pm Go to thread Stedellaway123

Craig thanks a lot! Just checked my bank and received my prize many thanks! And hopefully I can get lucky again next month! 😋 

13-02-2020 at 16:04 pm Go to thread Jaymoor90

Just received prize winnings thank you both so much. Time to support you some more with a cheeky deposit 🤣👌

13-02-2020 at 15:52 pm Go to thread Will888

Just received the prize money thank you so much Craig and Jimbo

14-01-2020 at 23:34 pm Go to thread shoust

I'll provide two known providers that don't save bonuses:



24-12-2019 at 02:20 am Go to thread TheBingoKingx

Jumps in! #goodluck

Though can i win a giftcard instead if thats possible? im not from the UK :P

Ty anyways and GL <3

02-12-2019 at 20:03 pm Go to thread Lithium

Ok mate good luck everyone keep it fun 🙂🎅

29-11-2019 at 09:03 am Go to thread ballsin

have we always been flying through space here or is this new? either way pretty cool touch

28-11-2019 at 18:28 pm Go to thread ninocasino 25-11-2019 at 19:03 pm Go to thread Stevenw96

Paddy Power do let you disable the option to reverse withdrawals and if you were to enable it again, it takes 7 days for that to be confirmed so makes it a lot more difficult to do it impulsively

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